Mae and Reuben's 1st Book

by Mae and Reuben (age 5 and 3) | Partner Organization: The ALS Association - Tennessee Chapter

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Notes from the Songwriter
Charlie Roth

Hello everyone at Sing Me a Story. This is your songster, Charlie Roth. I'd like to tell you about this song I wrote based on a book called "Mar and Reuben's 1st Book", written by Mae (age 5) and Reuben (age 3). This is a very important book about a pink dog name Aunt Sally and his friend Penelope. I suggest every person in the whole world read this book because it shows you how to think quickly when confronted with a difficult situation and save the day! Mae and Reuben are true heroes for saving the movie goers who were watching Sleeping Beauty from those pesky pups with their muddy paws! Their first book is a MASTERPIECE!!! I can't wait for their 2nd book to come out. I hope you will like my song! With LOVE, Charlie