My Life Begin

by William (age 10) | Partner Organization: Children's Hospital Colorado

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Notes from the Songwriter
Justus Lacewell

Hey bud, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to have written this song for you based on your story. This story is an epic journey that you did an incredible job of getting down onto paper. On top of that you are an amazing artist and your illustrations are top notch! I went to china when I was just a little older than you are for a month (my brother’s wife is Chinese) and I have to say……the food there is definitely amazing! I love the bbq pork buns, Hot pot, dim sum, and noodle soups the most. Because of this, it was interesting to me to visualize the scenery of all parts of your story both here and there. This visualization and your story being written so well allowed me to use some solid poetic imagery from start to finish. I hope you have as much fun listening to this as I had writing and recording it! Best, Justus lacewell P.s. My dog goose wakes me up by licking me too, except it’s the bottom of my feet….quite a shock to say the least!