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Kaeme seeks to build loving families, one child at a time. We break down the barriers that prevent orphaned or abandoned children from leaving institutions and entering family-based care.

My name is Elizabeth Tiatieno tetteh. I am 15 years of age. I am in form two. The game I like best is football and basketball. The food I like best is Fufu with light soup. I come from Ada, but I stay at Mungua. My frien’ds names are Emmanuella, Tracy, Seth, Jake. My parents names are Mr. and Mrs. Afotey.
A Story: Once upon a time, there live a wise man whose name was Mose. Mose is a very good and help man. One day Mose wanted to help a boy who is in danger. The little boy is very poor so Mose take the boy to his house and bath for the boy and dress him well and the boy look very awesome and all the girls in the own where very jealous about the boy. So one girl tempted the boy. The asked was this would you like to be my boyfriend. The boy too didn’t know what the girl is up to, so the boy went home and ask Mose about what the girl told him, and Mose answered and said is part of life. Like getting close to other people and knowing themselves.

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Old Man Mose

by Charles Wolff | 34 Plays
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Charles Wolff Phoenix, Arizona

Hi, hope you enjoy this! It took me a long time to get it done, but I think it came out the way I wanted it! I had a cold for about three weeks and the singing sounded all stuffy, finally got over it a day or two ago so I could finish.