by Spencer (age 10) | Partner Organization: Gilda's Club - Simcoe Muskoka

Shadsland a peaceful place for shadows and home to the greatest super hero's of all time. "Hey give that back!" said Slay. "I want to watch something else Elikuku (el-ko-ko)." "Oh stop fighting you two, I'm trying to play my game!" said Hakisha (Hawk-i-she). "Oh sure your probably texting some one" said Slay. "Stop arguing!" said Oakisha (Oka-a-sha). "Fine lets all watch tony the chu chu train." "What!" said Oakisha.
Once upon a time on a planet called Shadsland there's people called Shadows. Shadows can turn into anything animals other superheros anything.

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Co-written with a student at AZMusic Pro Lessons Academy, we were trying to make the song sound like a video game theme song. Let us know in the comments how we did!