Story 2

by Lukwago Tom (age 10) | Partner Organization: SOVHEN

SOVHEN is a youth led registered voluntary Not for profit and Non Governmental Community based Organization that mobilizes Ugandan university students and International volunteers to undertake community development initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life and championing the rights of orphans and other vulnerable groups living in difficult circumstances in hard to reach urban slum and rural areas in Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi.

I am called Lukwago Tom and I am 10 years old. I live with my grandmother in Bugeye Village. I am in Primary four at Bugeye Primary School. My parents died of AIDS and my uncle took me to my grandmother because he is lame and does not work in the garden to grow food. I share a bed with my grandmother. We sleep on grass and she covers me with her torn clothes. I mosquitoes bite me and I fall sick so I miss school sometimes. When I am going to sleep, my grandmother tells me to pray so that I get a job and buy good clothes for her.  

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