Story About My Life

by Chantale (age 13) | Partner Organization: Canopy Northwest Arkansas

THE STORY IS ABOUT MY LIFE I was born in refugee camp; I am belonging to Christian family. I had good life since my parents worked hard to take care for my life. They gave all basic needs which I needed as well advices. But I excited much to be born in rich family that was not so because God wanted me to wait something else in my life just like a dream in my life. I was in way to give up because to study at school was impossible regardless there was no school fees. Our teachers demanded salaries but there was no money for paying them. Some days, they did not shown up at school and there were great challenges on our side even to their children. My father used to tell us that we should not be lied by the world or any individual so that we can reach our plans. Our parents promised us that they will make sure that we get education for any means, and they were able to bring us here in U.S.A. and now we are studying without any problem. I appreciate so much my parents for fulfilling their promise towards my life. I have seen many things that I could not be able to see. I can say only thank you my family. I have learned something in my life.

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