The Boy and His Robot

by Kim (age 18) | Partner Organization: Wings For LIFE International

A child built a simple wind-up toy robot when he was young. He was very interested in mechanisms and machines but knew nobody who shared the same interest. He pursued his interest on his own, rarely mentioning a word about it to anyone, and slowly built more and more onto his robot. A noise maker, buttons to adjust how fast it walked, a small light. But it was just becoming more and more of a mess and he didn’t want he didn’t know what he really wanted to do with it. Then he met a teacher, the kind you would call a genius which is not a word to throw around lightly. Then he found more and more teachers of the same caliber and sought their aid with his robot. He expected them to have no interest in his personal affairs, but they excitedly helped him transform his robot that had once been only a toy, into an impressive display of passion. What had once failed to garner anyone’s attention could now draw everyone’s gaze as it danced and lept in the air. The boy hoped to use it as proof that he could achieve something great in the further. He pursued greater endeavors somewhere far away, but he made sure he took his robot with him and always kept it close.

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