The King Quad vs. Yamaha 250

by Taylor (age 15) | Partner Organization: Nevada Blind Children's Foundation

There once was a quad that was the King of all quads that’s because his builder Called him King Quad. This specific Quad is like no other he was part of the LTF clan and was King quad 300th so in his family there had been many kings before him. The current day is March 25h, 2016 and King Quad the 300th Has a very special job, that job is to compete against the FTL clans representative whom is Yamaha the 250th in a dirt track race. The track that they are racing on is the abandoned Dirt Track of 1983 which is in Sandy Valley, NV. The race is going to take place on July 6th, 2016 so that means King Quad 300th has four months to practice and get used to the sand and the track itself. It is now June 22nd, 2016 and King Quad 300th got an injury meanwhile practicing one day. While practicing he noticed he was decreasing in speed so he came back to his shop to check his oil level and as he checked he noticed it was leaking terribly.
As they closer inspected his oil reservoir they noticed his oil filter was also in bad shape and the gasket around the overflow screw was also in bad shape so they had to order a new gasket and oil filter. It is now a week before the race and the parts finally come in and king Quad and his crew got the gasket and oil filter replaced along with a filled up oil reservoir of 3.3 quarts of 10W-40 oil since the old oil had leaked out completely. After this he now practiced day and night for the race. It is now race day at the Abandoned race Track of 1983 in Sandy Valley, NV against Yamaha 250th. As the ace went on The King noticed oil on the track in front of him as well as Yamaha decreasing in speed The King then realized Yamaha was having the same issue he had just before the race. He decided to help out Yamaha finish the race by putting his front storage rack to Yamaha’s rear rack pushing him to the finish line. After the race they became best friends and began to race at different tracks each weekend. Turtles The End

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