The Tale of the Hunter

by Meghana (age 10) | Partner Organization: Dream a Dream

Dream A Dream is a professional, registered, charitable trust. They empower over 12,000 young people, referred from 17 NGO partners, through life skills-based programmes. Empowering young people from vulnerable backgrounds by developing life skills and at the same time sensitising the community through active volunteering leading to a non-discriminatory society where unique differences are appreciated.

One day a beautiful bird flew in the sky. The hunter shot the bird. All the children cried. The hunter thinks that they could make so many things out of the bird like hats. The Hunter thought that they could give him money for the hats and he would be rich. The hunter thought that he could become rich so he kept killing all the beautiful birds. Then he thought he could become rich by cutting down the trees. One day, the king come and ask him why he killed all the birds and all the animals and cut the trees.

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Notes from the Songwriter
Nathan Gillum (IC) Kentucky

One day a beautiful bird flew up in the sky But a hunter shot it down and all the children cried The hunter thought he could make so many things Like hats of feathers from all the bird wings The hunter thought people would give him money And he would be rich so he kept killing birds Beautiful Birds, beautiful birds Then he thought he'd get rich by cutting down all the trees From the wood he'd make so many things Out of the limbs and out of the leaves He only cared for himself overcome by greed The hunter thought people would give him money And he would be rich so he kept cutting down trees Beautiful trees, beautiful trees One day the king came to the hunter and asked him why He tried to kill all the beautiful birds in the sky and also tried to cut down all the trees That he shouldn't take anymore then he needs And so now to punish him for all his bad deeds The king makes him plant new trees And go without meat