The Turtle and the Lost Shield

by Bassma (age 8) | Partner Organization: Anera (American Near East Refugee Aid)

The Turtle and the Lost Shield
Once upon a time, there was a turtle that was eating lettuce leaves thrown in the farm
Suddenly, the turtle heard a weird scream from an angry farmer; he said so you are the one who ruined my field! Now I know who ruined my field! The turtle said: forgive me; I didn’t know that this is yours. The farmer said you are a thief The turtle said you are stingy
The farmer got really mad at her and he took off her shield which covers her body. The turtle cried and cried deeply A raven and hedgehog heard her cries and asked her to tell them what happened
The raven said don’t cry.. Don’t be sad.. I’ll go get you your shield and the hedgehog said I’ll give you one of my needles (spines) , so you can thread and fix your shield. The turtle and every one lived happily ever after!

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