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Nevada Blind Children's Foundation

Las Vegas, NV | View Website

To provide the essential building blocks including extended educational curriculum, extracurricular activities, social opportunities, and transitional skills to children who are visually impaired.

9 Songs

The Princess and The Frog

by Eliza Mary Doyle
2 Plays
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Silly Billy

by Chris Peters
15 Plays
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Jensen's Adventure

by Kitchen Dwellers
11 Plays
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Zarmay Falls

by Ugly Radio Rebellion
35 Plays
28% of $250 goal reached

Lonely King

by The Commonheart
32 Plays
64% of $250 goal reached

Sand Castles On The Beach

by Charles Wolff
15 Plays
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Grandma's House

by On The Sun
23 Plays
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Paul's song

by Max Breges
23 Plays
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The Pirate Lost in Space

by Gipsy Moon
49 Plays
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