Filled with Thankfulness

by Alex (age 13) | Partner Organization: Street Kids Direct

Hi, My name is Alex. This story is one of my favorites because it was a very special day for me. It was my birthday when my aunt gave me a gift. I was anxious to open it up, but my uncle and grandfather said I had to wait for my mom to arrive. Everyone came with a gift in their hands, and I ask, “What’s that?” They tell me, “Wait until your mom tells you to open them.” Time keeps dragging on. It takes forever! Finally, I get to open the gifts. First, I got a pair of jeans, new tennis shoes, and a shirt – a full outfit! I open the second gift, which is from my uncle, and it’s a complete collection of cars that I wanted so much. I was so thankful for the gift! Third gift – another full outfit from my grandpa. I give thanks to my grandpa and he tells me he loves me. I am thankful to my family for the wonderful gifts and I love them with all of my heart. When I grow up, I won’t forget what they’ve done for me and I will return these kindnesses to them one day.

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Alex's Gift

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