Liam's Story

by Liam (age 17) | Partner Organization: Camp Capella

This story and song was sponsored by Reeds Brook Middle School Music Department. Artwork completed by RBMS students. Written with and for Liam by his friends, teachers, and nurses Thank you to his teacher, Kim, Ed Tech: Laurie, and classmates: Xander, Noah, and Hailey.

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Liam. He loved people, animals, and music. Liam goes to school with his friends, and they especially love Liam’s magic socks. He has special socks for every occasion and many socks just for fun! One day Liam wore socks with musical notes on them. Liam’s music teacher told him to pick a song to listen to in music class. Liam chose a country song. Some of his friends chose lullabies and slow, gentle songs, but Liam’s magic socks made everyone sing and dance to Liam’s country song. He laughed and laughed.
One day the class decided to go to Funtown Splashtown for a class field trip. Liam wore bright socks with crazy shapes. While some of Liam’s friends rode on slow, safe rides, Liam chose the scary, fast ones! His magic socks made everyone love the wild and scary rides. He especially loved the water slide! It was a great day. Liam laughed and laughed.
The class stopped for lunch, and Liam ordered french fries with ranch dressing. He ordered a hamburger with ranch dressing. He ordered a pizza with ranch dressing! His friends laughed and laughed. They got an idea. Liam had a chocolate cupcake for dessert, and what do you think he put on his cupcake? Nothing! He shared his cupcake with his friends, who all enjoyed the chocolate frosting. Liam and his friends laughed and laughed.
Liam and his friends went to a Special Olympics event the next day at school. Liam and his friends love to go bowling. Liam wore socks with bowling balls. Liam smiled and laughed as the balls rolled down the lane and knocked over the pins. Liam’s magic socks made everyone have a great bowling day, and they all knocked over lots of pins. They all laughed and laughed.
Liam likes to make noises with his friends. Sometimes they make soft noises like blowing bubbles. When Liam wears his magic raspberry socks, his friends join Liam in a magical music ensemble blowing raspberries in the air. Sometimes Liam wears bells on his wrists to accompany his friends blowing raspberries, and this makes his friends dance. No one can make one special sound as Liam can. He can make a sound like an Australian Digeridoo. His friends laugh and laugh.
One day, Liam wore socks with rubber chickens on them to school. Liam’s chicken socks did their magic, and the students had an amazing day in music class. The music teacher laughed when students flung small sticky rubber chickens at the ceiling. The chickens were supposed to drop off, but Liam’s magic socks gave them extra sticky power, and to this very day, those rubber sticky chickens are still hanging from the ceiling in the music room at the school. The teacher and the students laugh and laugh.
Liam’s friends love having fun with Liam. They also love surprising him and making him happy. One day, his friends gathered and told Liam they loved his magic socks. They told him that he was missing one pair of special socks and they gave him a gift. Liam opened the present carefully and laughed when he saw a brand new pair of magic socks with Ranch Dressing on them. Liam loves going to school and his friends, but he also loves going home to his family. Another favorite part of his day is holding hands with his mom and dad at the end of a fun day at school.

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