The Dragon and the Knight and the Princess

by Scarlett (age 7) | Partner Organization: Cancer Support Community Central Ohio

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The Audio Plugz Atlanta, GA

Lyrics: Verse 1: Once upon a time There was a kingdom called the land of animals It was a happy place... There was a grey castle, with very strong walls On a high hill... And you can see everything from a far... And the smell of fresh bread and cake From the village bakery, Was all in the air There was plenty to share... The villagers heard a roar And a strong brave knight name Ima Gathered her fellow knights Everyone just loves Ima Cause she's so brave... Chorus: Who's gonna be the one to save the day? Who's gonna save us from the mean ol' dragon? It wants to hide in a high up cave Then attacks us when it becomes awake We must surround the dragon! Before it does anymore damage to our village, oh no. We hope Ima can save us...from the dragon! Verse 2: The people came back to their damage village What are we gonna do? What if the dragon comes back? Will we be ready next time? Ima starts to think of a plan How to keep the village safe From the dragon's sharp teeth and fire eyes Then Ima begins to realize... The dragon might be hungry And I don't want him to eat me! So let's cook him food... Chorus The dragon became Ima's friend, yes he did She realized he was hungry and not all For Ima's bravery The town gave her the title of... Princess Ima Once upon, upon a time There was a kingdom called the land of animals And it was such a happy place! Thanks Ima!