The Two Pigs

by Aimee (age 9) | Partner Organization: Little Oaks Children's Home

The Little Oaks Children's Home was established to provide love, parental guidance, education and a home for orphans of various ages.

Once upon a time there was a Mommy pig with two pigs. They were getting too big. She said, “You must go away.” She gave them food and they were off. There was a bad bunny. He said, “Hello.” He said, “You look fat and juicy for my lunch.” The two pigs were very scared and ran away but the bad bunny followed. The first pig built his house with mud. It was a cool mud house. “Good pig” he said to his brother. Then one pig went down the road. He built his home out of brick. Next day, the bunny went down the road. The pig in the mud house was very scared and ran to his brother. The bunny saw this and said, “I will get you!” but he didn’t. The other pig was not as scared and hid under the roof. He jumped on top of the bunny and the bunny ran away and was not seen again. The End.   

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The Two Pigs

by Lisa Williams | 46 Plays
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