Ziggy's Postcard from Mogie

by Ziggy (age 6) | Partner Organization: Ronald McDonald House - Houston

The kids were asked to write a postcard on behalf of Mogie, the resident dog at the Ronald McDonald House, from his Summer Vacation! Mogie was on a long trip and needed the kids to help him write and decorate postcards to send back to the Ronald McDonald House.

This is Mogie :)

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Notes from the Songwriter
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Ole Kirkeby- guitar, fretless bass, production Angie C. - lyrics and vocals the song uses two ambient sound tracks made available on Playground for children in Romania, CC 0 license, Dog In Distance, CC Attribution license,

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Notes from the Songwriter
Lyrical Movements at Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee

This song captures Mogie's loving personality and vibrant spirit. Written by Vanderbilt University students: James George, Angie Li, Judy Li, Karin Oh, Jennifer Ondrey, Kevin Yang