At The Beach

by Layla and Cullen (age 7 and 3) | Partner Organization: The ALS Association - Tennessee Chapter

Our story begins on an amazing family trip to the beach. Layla, her little brothers Cullen, Bo, & Luke are swimming in the ocean and playing in the sand. – well, Layla is swimming in the ocean. Cullen and the twins are mainly playing in the sand. Sometimes, when Cullen gets in to swim, water gets into his mouth and that tastes yucky (and salty).
The weather is perfect. The sun is shining, it’s warm, and there’s a nice breeze. The sound of the waves is peaceful, but there’s an interesting smell of seafood and dirty fish. That’s normal though for the ocean. Cullen can occasionally see whales jump out of the water. They are there with their family - their WHOLE family - about 30 of ‘em. It’s a great time. They are all staying together in a giant beach house.
Everything is picture perfect when a huge storm comes out of nowhere! Lightning flashes, thunder strikes! Out of nowhere, a big green shark jumps out of the water and eats Aunt Kimmie! “Sissy!” Cullen yells out! Suddenly, a gigantic black and white whale falls from the storm clouds above and eats Layla.
Cullen and everyone is really scared. Then Cullen looks out and sees lots of baby whales swimming in the ocean. He has a thought that they’re cute, but then a blue Great White shark pops out of the water and swallows him! “Oh my gosh!” he yells. The family all gathers around and come up with a plan. (Well, most of the family - Layla and Cullen’s mom and dad don’t know yet because they’re off somewhere relaxin’.) Uncle Chad and Uncle Johnny decide to grab a boat, ride out to catch the beasts and get Layla, Cullen, and Aunt Kimmie back.
Thankfully, the waves are calm at first, but they get bigger and bigger the farther Uncle Chad & Uncle Johnnie get out to sea. They’re scared and sad. “Where are they?” the uncles ask. Then, suddenly, they spot the sharks and whale that swallowed their family members! They grab a big net, cast it out, and....
They catch the sharks and the whale! The uncles grab them and punch them right in the throat. (They can do that because they have hard hands.). “Spit ‘em out!” they bellow as they give their single punch to each of the three sea creatures. Blurf - The blue shark spits out Cullen. “That tongue is yucky!” he yells as he slides out.
Blegh - The whale spits out Layla. “I’m all the way out, and I’m not wet no more!” she happily hollers. Bloof - The whale spits out Aunt Kimie. She starts singing the song “Baby Shark”
They let the sharks and whale go and drive the boat back to the big house where everyone is so happy to see them. By this time, Layla and Cullen’s mom and dad had heard what had happened and rushed down to hug them. “I sure am happy to y’all! We been there almost an hour!” Layla says as they all hug. Cullen screams with joy.
“Off to the Hub!” mom and dad yell. And they all go to the Hub to have a big celebration. The storm had now completely passed, and a big rainbow shines above them. Cullen gets a bedazzled blue raspberry snow cone with a swirly straw, sprinkles, and more. The baby whales Cullen saw come up to him and let him pet them.
Layla gets a rainbow one as she looks at the rainbow in the sky. Then she looks at her big family having a good time. “Yep, I sure am happy to see y’all.” The End

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The Beach

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