Why I Love My Mother

by Aidan (age 12) | Partner Organization: The ALS Association - Tennessee Chapter

Why I love my mother, well she’s perfect. That’s the main reason but there’s more. She is my rock, my world, and the person I look up to for wisdom and guidance. I couldn’t live without my mother, literally, and without her, I wouldn’t be 1% of who I am now. That’s that mom kind of love. She is hilarious and lights up my life. Her sense of humor is always great and up to date. She is entertaining and can make you laugh for hours at a time. The world’s award for the best comedian goes to her. She is hands down, my greatest treasure, and I can’t live without her. There are very few things I wouldn’t do for her. We are very alike, but very different at the same time. Our interests are similar, but there are places were they just don’t line up, but that’s okay, because that isn’t all that matters. She is very creative with food, She loves, loves, loves, loves, loves cheese, and I do too. She loves cheese so much in fact, she puts queso in spaghetti. There are a few cheeses she isn’t a fan of, solely based on the name. Perfectly good cheeses like Gouda, Havarti, or Gruyere she doesn’t like because she doesn’t like the sound of the names.
To dive deeper into our mutual love and admiration for food, I shall state similarities and differences to how, and what we eat. First of all, we both love pizza, I mean, who doesn’t? But how we eat it varies significantly. She loves cheese and pepperoni, the classic American-style pizza, and whereas I prefer a sausage, onion, and green pepper pizza with a garlic sauce and spicy sauce, like a jalapeno ranch, she likes less sauce and more cheese on her pizza, and I can’t eat pizza without a lot of sauce. One final thing about food. Since last year I have been dead set on becoming a chef, and my mom has been a big influence for me wanting to become a chef and my passion for cooking. She will have a great chef as her child. I will always love my mother. She will always love me. It is the perfect balance of love. She is most of the time, pleased and happy. She always has a fresh scent of fruits, like berries, peaches, and mangos. She is always beautiful, all the time. She is very kind and will always be nice to you, but God forbid you make her upset. My mom is very smart and it transferred to me and then some, Thanks, Mom! One thing I absolutely love is languages, I learned many of them on my own, such as Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), Latin, German, Arabic, and Yiddish. Mom doesn’t always enjoy the sounds of the languages I learn, and always says I should learn French, because besides English, it’s the only foreign language she speaks.
I will learn French for her, but I’m glad that even though she thinks of it as silly sometimes, she still supports me. My mom is my motivator because like many people, I am sometimes lazy and I procrastinate. I love how she just pushes me to get stuff done. Without her, for a long time I would have just gave up and stopped working. But I am glad to say that she has mostly broken me out of that habit. She gets all the credit in the world for correcting my major issues. Another thing I just love about my mom is how she always laughs at what I say. Although I love my mother so much, there are some things that get on my nerves. She gets upset easily sometimes and I am happy to see her unhappy. She wakes me up in the middle of the night a lot, and I have terrible lack of sleep some days. She gets mad about things that don’t always matter a whole lot. Although I don’t like any of the things I mentioned, I know that since she can make me upset, I know she is alive and still there with me. I need her.

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I was really touched by this story and tried to mostly use Aidan's words instead of my own. I hope you enjoy it. I don't currently have the time and resources to do a polished/studio recording, but I might do one in the future. I thought it was more important to share it in a timely manner! I have included a lyric video to follow and sing along with.