We work with our partner organizations to give children in need the opportunity to write and illustrate stories about anything they want. We then distribute those stories to songwriters who turn them into songs and send them back to the kids.

873 Stories

Teagan's Story

by Teagan (age 14) | from Bridges of Hope

0 Songs

The Talking Crayon

by AJ (age 8) | from Bridges of Hope

1 Song

It's Cool

by John (age 6) | from Bridges of Hope

2 Songs


by Thomas (age 8) | from Bridges of Hope

3 Songs

The Cat Escapes Bob's House

by Will (age 10) | from Bridges of Hope

1 Song

All About Alani

by Alani (age 3) | from Ronald McDonald House- Chicago

1 Song

Poem from the Past

by Antony (age 17) | from Jovenes en Camino

3 Songs

Liam's Story

by Liam (age 17) | from Camp Capella

2 Songs

A Day in the Life of Two Pretty Brown Girls

by Lauryn & Layla (age 11, 2) | from Nurses for Newborns

1 Song

The Dinosaur Disaster

by Mack, Tate, Evie, and Josie (age 4, 7, 9, 11) | from Make-A-Wish® Arizona

4 Songs

Elliott and His Cat

by Elliott and my cat (age 9) | from Gilda's Club - Middle Tennessee

1 Song

Infinite Loop

by Chloe (age 17) | from Gilda's Club - Middle Tennessee

2 Songs

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