About Us

Music Composition Program

Sing Me a Story gives children in need the opportunity to write and illustrate stories about anything they want. We then give those stories to songwriters and musicians who turn them into songs and send them back to the kids.

Our Composition Program allows for music students at every level to experience the power and importance of music while collaborating to create something unique together. 

How it Works:

  1. A child in need local to the commissioning ensemble writes and illustrates a story about anything they want.

  2. A collegiate composition student turns the story into a musical score.

  3. The commissioning ensemble meets and works with the composter to learn the piece.

  4. The ensemble then performs the piece live for the child and their family, usually as a part of a scheduled concert.

  5. Sing Me a Story creates a 2-3 minute video that documents this entire process for the ensemble. The videos can be used for school districts for booster club opportunities, student events, concerts, media opportunities, and communication.

A catalog of our compositions can be found here. Local press often partner with Sing Me a Story to share these unique stories. See below:



How long does the process take?

This project takes about 3 months to complete. However, more time is always appreciated.

What is the cost to commission a piece through Sing Me a Story?

The cost for private and public ensembles to commission a piece of music through our program is $1,500.

The cost for corporations to sponsor a commission for an ensemble is $2,000. 


For more information, please contact autumn@singmeastory.org.

This program has received support from Alfred Music Publishing and the National Endowment for the Arts.