About Us

Our Songwriters

Our Songwriters are the lifeblood of our program. They take stories from children in need and turn them into songs. Below is information regarding our partnership with our volunteer songwriters. Interested in becoming a SMAS Songwriter? Contact us at artists@singmeastory.org for more information.

Our Objectives

- Fundraise: donations for the child’s non-profit organization (NPO)

- Achieve a set Goal: (ex., $’s vary/NPO/child) Raise $100 in donations for a song, benefiting the NPO

- Promote: Songwriters and their partnership with SMAS, their child, and their selected NPO


Songwriters Expectations & Obligations: 

- Share your new song with your friends, family, followers, and in your promotions! 

- Let us know how you’ll be able to promote this song for donations: Tell us which promotions will work best for you to promote this song for donations 


- Put a link on your social media to “your song”

- Promote at 3 to 4 shows, venues, rounds, your choice!

- Share this custom fundraising “QR Code” for your child’s song

- Other – tell us!


SMAS Expectations & Obligations:

- Promote you, your song, and supporting your child through donating on SMAS

- Publish, promote your song, and donating on social media platforms, inclusive of “your” QR code

- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, other

- Add your song to SMAS promotions– and for the NPO, as agreed upon

- As agreed, with the child’s NPO, promote your song for fundraising opportunities

- Non-profit website

- Non-profit social media channels

- Non-profit newsletters/magazines

- Local radio

- Community Events/Fundraising